Trinidad & Tobago

Travel Advice and Advisories for Canadians travellers to Trinidad & Tobago.

This report is updated continuously by the Government of Canada, the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Dept. of the Federal Governemt.
Currently there are no official warning for this country.
However, Canadians are advised to exercise high degree of caution when travelling in this region.
Crime levels are high. Travellers should be vigilant in certain areas…and should avoid visiting derserted and unpatrolled beaches.
Tourists and foreign nationals are also victims of crime in Tobago. Visitors should seek the advice of local contacts and be vigilant, especially after dark. Visitors should visit isolated beaches such as Englishman’s Bay and King Peter’s Bay only with an organized group. They should ensure that personal belongings and travel documents are secure at all times and that hotel room doors and windows are secure. They should not carry large amounts of cash nor show signs of affluence. Personal belongings and travel documents should never be left unattended.
Home invasions are common. Visitors staying in both private and commercial accommodations should be aware of their surroundings and be vigilant in their personal security and safety by ensuring windows and doors are securely locked…read more…

Canada – Trinidad & Tobago Relations

Canada’s relations with Trinidad and Tobago are close and long-standing. A full-time Trade Commissioner was first appointed to Port of Spain, the capital, in 1938. Official diplomatic relations were established in August 1962, immediately upon Trinidad and Tobago becoming an independent country.

In Trinidad and Tobago, Canada is represented by the High Commissioner for Canada in Port of Spain, which opened in 1962. The first Canadian High Commissioner was accredited in 1963.

Trinidad and Tobago is represented in Canada the High Commission of Trinidad and Tobago in Ottawa. Trinidad and Tobago also has Consulates in Toronto and Winnipeg.

Today the vibrant bilateral relations cover a wide spectrum of sectors including migration, education, health, energy and financial services. Both countries cooperate within the Commonwealth, the United Nations and the Organization of American States…read more…


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